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Kamalnayan Bajaj Fellowship - Introduction


Kamalnayan Bajaj Fellowship (KBF) is developing a new generation of values-based action-oriented leaders to serve India. KBF focuses on business, government and civil society leaders between the ages of 35-45 and provides them with an opportunity to step back and assess their own leadership values and those of their peers; it encourages them to engage more vigorously in the foremost challenges of their communities and country; and allows them to explore new ways to work in concert to improve Indian society and the world at large.

KBF Fellows join some 2500 other Fellows from more than 50 countries to become members of the Aspen Global Leadership Network (AGLN) who share a commitment to enlightened leadership and to using their extraordinary creativity, energy and resources to tackle the foremost societal challenges of our times.


Candidates for the Kamalnayan Bajaj Fellowship should be:

  • Executives and professionals between the ages of 35 and 45 who have achieved significant success in their respective fields of endeavour and demonstrated their potential for even greater leadership at the highest levels of business, government and civic responsibility.
  • Emerging and established leaders who have reached an inflection point in their careers and are looking to give back to society in a broader, more substantive manner.
  • Individuals who possess a breadth of experience and level of maturity that will enable them to contribute effectively to the fellowship experience.

The aim is to constitute a class of fellows drawn from diverse backgrounds in terms of geography, occupation, ethnicity, race, religion and gender.


The seventh class of Kamalnayan Bajaj Fellows will consist of twenty two men and women who will undertake a programme of advanced leadership seminars and individual leadership ventures under the direction of experienced Aspen Institute certified moderators and senior local mentors. The 18 month curriculum has been designed specifically for KBF and comprises four seminars, three of which will be held exclusively for the participants in India and with the third seminar in the series of four – Leadership in an Era of Globalization -- being held in the U.S., India or another country with other AGLN Fellows. The programme requires a non-negotiable commitment by each Fellow of 24 days for seminar meetings plus the time allocated for individual leadership projects and periodic informal gatherings.


Candidates should be nominated by someone other than a family member. Self-nominations are not accepted. Nominators are asked to upload a letter stating their reasons for recommending the candidate with a special focus on why you think this is the right time in his/her life and career to participate in the programme.