Values Based Leadership Program - IPS Officers

Introduction- Aims & Objectives – The first of its kind values based leadership programme for IPS officers was conducted by Ananta Aspen Centre in association with the Telangana State Police at the Telangana State Police Academy, Hyderabad. The intent is to extend the values based leadership seminars offered by Ananta Aspen Centre to the Government sector and in turn engage IPS officers along with participants from development sector, business/corporates and civil society. The Faculty included James Abraham, Founder and Director SolarArise and fellow of KBF-3, Manoj Kumar, Founding CEO Naandi Foundation and fellow of KBF-2 and Charu Sinha, Director Anti Corruption Bureau Telangana state and Fellow of India Leadership Initiative KBF-4. This programme consists of a series of three seminars of four days each on Values based Leadership to be held over a period of one year. The seminars involve Socratic Dialogue on values based readings and an enactment of a scene from the Mahabharat. Each participant also completes a leadership / community project of their choosing during the course of the year.