Kamalnayan Bajaj Fellowship


One of the primary programs in the realm of leadership development is the Kamalnayan Bajaj Fellowship, formerly known as the India Leadership Initiative (ILI). This is a unique Fellowship which has been running successfully since 2006 by Ananta Aspen Centre, the sister organisation of Ananta Centre. 

The Kamalnayan Bajaj Fellowship (KBF) seeks to develop a new generation of values-based action-oriented leaders to serve India. KBF focuses on young, entrepreneurial leaders from Business, Government and Civil Society between the ages of 35-45. Using the time-tested Aspen method of text-based dialogue, KBF provides these young leaders with an opportunity to better understand their own leadership values and those of their peers. It also encourages them to engage more vigorously with the challenges of their communities and country, while exploring ways new ways to work in concert to improve Indian society and the world at large.

A part of the growing worldwide community of entrepreneurial leaders of the Aspen Global Leadership Network (AGLN) www.aspeninstitute.org/leadership-programs/about-agln comprised of over 2300 fellows from over 50 countries, the KBF is designed to help leaders move from "success to significance" and from "thought to action". The AGLN is a significant platform for KBF Fellows for not only networking, but also knowledge sharing as it enables interactions with emerging leaders from across the world. This community of young leaders has the power to impact the society at large in significant ways.