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Written by Dr. Naushad Forbes

December 31, 2020 | The Indian Express

8367988698?profile=RESIZE_180x1802020 has been a strange interruption and reversal. Unless we act now, we will have a stunted recovery

We must use our economic crisis to set some bigger things right. 2021 will be a

Indian industry must drive our economic recovery through innovation and exports

Business Standard | December 31, 2020

8441452286?profile=RESIZE_400xThe Chinese sage Confucius said, “May you live in interesting times.” Confucius meant this as a curse, and we can see why. We live i

Business Standard | 28th August 2020


7736241898?profile=RESIZE_400xThe last four decades have seen rapid growth in our higher education system, raising the proportion of the relevant age group in higher education from 6 per cent to 26 per cent. In the mid 2000s, when growth pea

447469573?profile=RESIZE_180x180Ananta Viewpoint : "Third India-Africa Forum Summit" Author: Amb. Ashok Sajjanhar, Former Ambassador of India to Kazakhstan, Sweden and Latvia, and Former Secretary/Principal Executive Officer, National Foundation for Communal Harmony.

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448014991?profile=RESIZE_180x180Ananta Viewpoint : "Boosting India-US Ties: A Regional Imperative?" An interview with Amb. S K Lambah, Former Special Envoy to the Prime Minister; Amb. G Parthasarathy, Honorary Research Professor, Centre for Policy Research; Mr. Jayadeva Ranade, Pre

448050507?profile=RESIZE_180x180Ananta Viewpoint : "India-US Ties in a new political landscape" An interview with Ms. Meenakshi Lekhi, Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha), Bharatiya Janata Party and Mr. Baijayant Panda, Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha), Biju Janata Dal.


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