• A joint India US Working Paper for the 10th India Track II Dialogue on Climate Change & Energy 2021
  • Authors: OP Agarwal, Tom Cyrs, Anjali Jaiswal, Dan Lashof, Alex Rudee, Devashree Saha, and Gillian Zwicker; with input from fellow working group members: Andrew Light, Gina McCarthy, Mary Nichols, and Craig Segall

 Given that India has made significant commitments under its Nationally Determined Contribution to the Paris Climate Agreement the NDCs, with a possibility of further enhancement, and that the U.S. now has rejoined the Paris agreement and has committed to make climate action central to its foreign policy, there is a strong possibility of an India – U.S. agreement on Energy and Climate Change. Any such agreement will be strengthened if initiatives towards sub-national cooperation (cooperation at the state and city level) are also put in place. Accordingly, this note suggests e-mobility and renewable energy as two areas for such cooperation, and identifies likely challenges to overcome.

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