Loneliness in India

Ananta Centre and The Aspen Institute in collaboration hosted two roundtables on Loneliness to help advance the collective knowledge and understanding of loneliness, social connection, and technology and how they intersect with respect to India. The effort  was supported by Facebook to bring together diverse groups of cross-sector experts—from academia, health, technology, nonprofit, and government—to […]

What Lula’s return in Brazil means for India

Brazil joined the “pink tide” in Latin America as Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva staged a political comeback that will be the stuff of breathless storytelling. Narrowly squeezing past Jair Bolsonaro, who was the ‘Trump-lite’ leader at the helm of Brazil for the past four years, Lula’s return puts Brazil back in the spotlight. Brazil and India may be […]

“De-nationalizing” the R&D Landscape in India: A Roadmap for the Future

Key highlights: Sector-wise R&D expenditure in India Industry and Academic Collaborations with regard to R&D Innovation-oriented impediments faced by domestic SMEs A policy framework/enabling mechanism to encourage private sector participation Emphasis on an R&D-centric disclosure and funding mandate The relationship between science and innovation within R&D has been looked at for decadesby scholars worldwide. Science […]