Ananta Aspen Centre is a non-partisan and not-for-profit organization that focuses on values-based leadership development and open dialogue on important issues facing Indian society, to help foster its transformation. The organization has no political affiliation and serves to provide a platform and forum that engages civil society, business, governments and other stakeholders on issues of importance to India's development and national security.

The Centre, registered under 12A and 80G of the Income Tax Act, is headquartered in New Delhi.

अनंत the infinity of potental

At the core of India is the idea of infinite potential. This is the idea that has shaped the country through the ages, and defined it in multiple ways. Ananta Centre has been conceived to help India realize this potential through the process of introspection, dialogue and debate. In a world that is struggling with inequities, India is an idea whose time has come. We invite you to contribute to this idea.

Paving the way for a mindful society

 Ananta works towards creating a society pivoted on values-based leadership that believes in the process of dialogue and debate.

We are a non-partisan trust committed to building a society that is willing to listen, understand and most importantly, dialogue. The premise is that, complex problems can be resolved when people in positions to lead change have the ability and the intent to absorb diverse viewpoints. We work in three broad areas: Leadership Development, Public Policy Dialogues and Foreign Policy Dialogues.


 Build a better India by exploring new opportunities and addressing the developmental challenges and roadblocks.

Foster effective and impactful collaboration between government, business, academia and other key stakeholders to envision a stronger India.

 Bring the brightest minds from diverse fields, combining their knowledge and expertise towards developing a robust and policy paradigm.

Ananta leadership programmes

 Ananta Leadership Programmes guide potential leaders through a personal journey of reflection and help them move from thought to action.


Our leadership programmes use the Socratic Method to encourage critical thinking and constructive arguments between participants. In a complex society, reason can often give way to rhetoric, making a strong case for a culture of dialectics in the leadership community.


Our leadership programmes encourage Fellows to act on their vision of a better world by designing and implementing community projects that address crucial gaps in society.


Text-based readings, theatre and dialogue are important parts of the programme. The process of introspection that follows, helps participants understand their own leadership values as well as those of their peers.

Ananta International Dialogues

Ananta International Dialogues are meant to facilitate nuanced conversations between influencers from India and their counterparts in other countries so that they can inform policies back home.


Ananta holds bilateral and multilateral Track II dialogues, aligned to India’s foreign policy objectives. They are held under the Chatham House Rule. This ensures open and rich discussions.

Ananta National Dialogues

 The Ananta National Dialogues bring together influencers from diverse stakeholder groups to dialogue and arrive at actionable solutions to the issue tabled.


Multiple-stakeholder dialogues bring diversity of perspective and lead to more inclusive and informed solutions. From gender inequality to climate change, every issue is better addressed through consensus.

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