The India Israel Forum


To add new dynamism to bilateral ties, Ananta Aspen Centre, Tel Aviv University and Confederation of Indian Industry established an India-Israel Track II initiative. Held annually since 2008

Roundtable on Israel, Iran and the Arabas; The middle east of the 21st century


 The Middle East of the 21st Century is markedly different from the past in that it is dominated by the non-Arab states of Iran, Turkey and Israel. The key Arab states of the 20th century, such as Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia are all suffering from a long period …

14th India Israel Forum Report


The 14th annual meeting of the India-Israel Forum was held virtually 8th & 9th December 2021. The Forum was co-convened by the Ananta Aspen Centre, Confederation of Indian Industry and Tel Aviv University. 

Master Class