War clouds over Ukraine: What They Portend for Global Geopolitics

The current tensions and developments near the Ukrainian border have been a matter of great global concern. These tensions highlight the post-Cold War geopolitical flux which has not yielded to a settled world order. Against this backdrop the Ananta Centre held a digital conversation on “War clouds over Ukraine: What They Portend for Global Geopolitics”  between Ambassador P S Raghavan, Former Indian Ambassador […]

India-UAE Relations: Breaking New Grounds

The relationship between India and the UAE is strongly established in millennia of cultural, religious, and economic interaction. The two countries’ relationship and trust have evolved and flourished tremendously in recent years. In this setting of common values and strong cooperation, the Ananta Centre supported by TATAs held a digital session on “India-UAE Relations: Breaking […]

The Philippines: India’s New Indo-Pacific partner

The bilateral relations between India and the Philippines are well assimilating the essence of geopolitical and geo-economic developments in the Indo-Pacific.India’s Act East Policy and the Philippines’ new foreign policy orientation through its Indo-Pacific approach are cordial and complementary to this relationship. Both countries share common values and many other commonalities.Thus, the current stage of […]