Growth Net 4.0 – Restoring Higher Growth in Emerging Markets

The Fourth Annual Growth Net Summit 2016 was a major economic meet, held in India amidst gloomy global outlook and volatile market conditions across the world. Focused on challenges facing Asia, Africa, Latin America and other growth economies of the world; the Summit brought together stakeholders from both developed and emerging economies on one platform […]

The Global Energy Scenario & Challenges for India’s Energy Security

Over the last two years, the global energy scenario has experienced some dramatic changes — technological, economic, and geopolitical – that have significantly transformed the energy landscape and posed new challenges for India’s energy security interests. One of the important priorities of the present government is to enhance India’s potential and capabilities and have substantial […]

Operation Breaking Dawn’ portends new trends in the Middle East

The truce between Israel and the Islamic Jihad holds firm after tensions flared in Gaza on August 7. And while the three-day conflict took place in a familiar setting, Hamas, the de facto leadership in Gaza since 2007, observed Israel’s advances from the sidelines. Publicly, Hamas expressed solidarity with the Islamic Jihad, but the decision to stay […]