GP Birla Fellowship for Women Leaders - The Impact

Through the readings that form the basis of the seminars, the Fellows are exposed to a range of “thought leaders” and role models from around the globe and across the ages who have clearly articulated their visions for “a good society” and demonstrated their capacity for effective, enlightened leadership. As they read, the Fellows are challenged to think about their own visions – and about how they measure up as leaders.

The seminars encourage a subtle shift in the way of thinking of the participants who stretch themselves towards being more action-oriented leaders and collectively address the common challenges across the country.

Due to the diversity of the group, the participants are challenged to make a greater impact which would permeate beyond their specific fields.

The seminar encourages the young leaders to use their creativity, experience, energy and talent in promoting better understanding, respect, camaraderie, bond and trust amongst each other. It pushes them out of their comfort level, into a space where they thought radically to steer change in their society, organization and at the grassroots levels.