Emerging Leaders Fellowship

Ananta Aspen Emerging Leaders Programme works with bright college students between ages 18–22 years, helping them to grow emotionally, intellectually and socially and connect with the leader within. The programme aims to shape the leaders of tomorrow, develop skills of problem solving, strategy and networking; build knowledge, awareness and appreciation for “diversity” in viewpoints and connect with their inner values.

The six-day residential seminar is a unique one. It uses Socratic Reading to guide students to their inner voice and helps them move from thought to action, inspiring them to be value-based action-oriented leaders.

Six seminars have been held and 112 fellows have graduated from these programmes. Igniting a spirit of service, 55 ventures have been undertaken by the young fellows in their communities and areas of interest.

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7th Edition- 14-19 Dec, 2020

8th Edition- 4-9 Jan, 2021

9th Edition- 8-13 Mar, 2021




Amit Joshi, Program Officer


Mobile: 9560240662


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